Finalist at KIRA Art Gallery Painting Competition - May 2023. My artwork "Sleeping Beauty" has been awarded with the "Best Interprentation" Award.


18/5 - 16/6/2023

It was with great pleasure that I was informed about the selection of my artwork "After the Storm" as my participation in the museological activity organized by the Museology Laboratory - Ionian University and its scientific team in collaboration with the Corfu Art Gallery/Corfu Art Gallery. The project was selected in a competition through an open call (Open Call).

Μuseological action based on Art:
"Fragments of the Past"
May 18 – June 16, 2023
In the periodic exhibitions and events hall of the Corfu Art Gallery.

On Thursday 18 May 2023 at 19:00 the museological activity based on art entitled "Fragments of the past" opens in the Periodical Exhibition Hall of the Corfu Art Gallery.

The Museology Laboratory of the Ionian University, in collaboration with the Corfu Art Gallery, organizes the Museological activity based on Art with the theme: "Fragments of the past". The action tends to illuminate, through personal or collective artistic expression, historical, social and cultural concepts – around the idea of the fragment. The exhibition invites visitors to an unprecedented experience of expression, creation and participation. The works of art record concepts, personal events and dimensions that have either been sidelined or passed into personal, historical or socio-cultural oblivion.

Opening of the exhibition: May 18, 19:00 pm.
Exhibition duration: May 18 - June 16, 2023

Contact info:

• Laboratory of Museology of the Ionian University Office 15 (2nd floor), Ioannou Theotoki 72, Corfu TK 49100, Tel. 26610 87438
Email: museologylab@ionio.gr
• Corfu Art Gallery, Ioannou Theotokis 77, Corfu 49100
Opening hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 16:00
Email: info@corfuartgallery.com

12 - 14/5/2023

Participation with 4 works in the group exhibition of visual artists organized by ARTWAY at Gallery ART16, Artemisiou 16, Kerameikos - Athens.



Award of my artwork "To Take Care - No2" as one of the 12 best of the Panhellenic Painting, Hagiography and Children's Painting competition "PHOENIX 2023".

"It is a great honor for my work to be awarded in the Panhellenic painting, hagiography and children's painting competition "Phoenix 2023".

My sincere thanks to Mr. Michalis Michalakis, professor of visual arts, for the organization as well as the honorable members of the jury, in particular:

Mr. Leontios Petmezas, art historian - critic,

Mr. Dimitris Pardakis, visual artist,

Mrs. Mary Karlou, painter"


Participation in the book "Painting Spectacular".

The author, art teacher, Mr. Michalis Michalakis presents a total of 80 Greek Artists from all over Greece, Cyprus, America and Australia.

Published from Benou Publications 2023.

11 - 17/4/2023

Participation with 4 works in the group exhibition of visual artists organized by ARTWAY at the Agios Athanasios Art Center in Naoussa, Paros. Topic: "RESURRECTION TO BECOME INSPIRATION"


Award of my work, in an open call - international competition from the international house Kira Art Gallery based in Barcelona - Spain "Certificate of Award - Silver Winner".


Award - Special Mention Award in the 2022 Art View Foundation's Winter Prize 2023 Competition - of my work "Eternal Battle - Eternal Battle" from Bruxelles Art View.

1 - 9/4/2023

Participation in the group exhibition of visual artists organized by the Chalkidiki Sketx Sketx Association of Visual Arts Artists entitled "FACES", in the association's hall in Polygyros (Youth Center area).

19 - 22/3/2023

Participation in the international art exhibition "PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP"

Organized and curated by: DAM Gallery - Okan Akin, "Nomadic Canvases" and NDSM FUSE

March 19 - 22, 2023. NDSM FUSE, NDSM- Plein 29 - 1033WC - AMSTERDAM - NETHERLANDS

The presence of the people was more than encouraging. The people behind the organization exaggerated themselves as worthy builders of friendship and brotherhood of peoples. They have built a solid foundation and this is just the beginning. I send them my appreciation and sincere respect.

The exhibition was honored with their noble presence by the two ambassadors of the "Göçebe Tuvaller" Group (Nomadic Canvases), the assistant of the Turkish Embassy, the Greek Consul General Mr. Kon/nos Kalambokidis, the Gallerist with his assistant and a crowd of people, as guests of my friend and co-curator of the exhibition Mrs Nergis Orhon Soydaner. Our team included artists from Greece, Turkey, Spain, Austria, Italy, USA, Morocco and the Netherlands.

I sincerely thank Mrs. Stella Chaviaropoulou for accepting me into the team.


Declaration of participation in an international competition for the Biennale of International Hagiography/Iconography Competition 2023.

Organized and edited by Writers Capital Foundation / Mrs Elisa Mascia - Country of organization ITALY

16 - 25/2/2023

Solo paint exhibition - " (Re)presentations " - at Myro Gallery, Thessaloniki.

11/2/2023 - 25/2/2023

Group art exhibition "Ancient and Contemporary. The dialogues on Art" at the Colle del Duomo Museum in Viterbo.

The Galleria d'Arte MEGA ART - Associazione Web Art Gallery MEGA ART thanks the Management of the Colle del Duomo Museum in Viterbo for allowing the setting up of this international contemporary art exhibition in its stupendous rooms. In this unmissable event, the works of our artists will be placed on the walls of the Museum next to the masterpieces of ancient art from the 13th century, one of which is the "Crucifixion" by Michelangelo.

On the Colle del Duomo Museum:

The Archaeological section https://www.archeoares.it/sezione-archeologica/

Visiting the Museum means retracing the history of the hill of the cathedral and therefore of the city of Viterbo since the earliest times. In the archaeological part there are Villanovan, Etruscan, Roman and medieval finds. There is a small excavation test carried out on the occasion of the construction works of the Museum.

The Pinacoteca https://www.archeoares.it/sezione-storico-artistica/

In the art gallery it is possible to learn about the art expressed in the area starting from the 13th century with the Madonna della Carbonara. But the visit also allows you to enjoy the masterpieces of Benvenuto di Giovanni, the "Crucifixion" traditionally attributed to the great Michelangelo and the Caravaggesque Bartolomeo Cavarozzi up to the works of the protagonists of the Roman eighteenth century such as Domenico Corvi. Furthermore, the pictorial works are also present in the guided tour where it is possible to admire, among others, the masterpiece by Giovani Francesco Romanelli.

#MEGA ART Galleria del'ARTE

#Colle del Duomo Museum - Viterbo

#Museum of the Cathedral Hill


Event organised by the UNESCO center for Women and Peace in the Balkan countries. A great evening dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Diva Maria Kallas at Porto Palace, Thessaloniki.

The internationally renowned soprano Sofia Mitropoulou, accompanied by the excellent pianist Nikos Zafranas, performed arias by Maria Kalas.

With the offer on our part as visual artists, of one work each of us, George Anastasiadis, Efi Liara, Stella Haviaropoulou, we also contributed to the support of the St. Markou - Maria's House - for abused women.



Award - Special Mention Award in the 2022 Art View Foundation's Yearly Prize Competition - for my work "The Italian Pyrotechnician" from Bruxelles Art View.



Group art exhibition "Una finestra sull'Arte Conteporanea Internazionale" at Gallery Spazio Arte Tolomeo - Milan. January 12 - 20. Vernissage January 14. Promoted and organised by MEGA ART Galleria del'ARTE - FERDAN YUSUFI Art Management - NAG NEO ART GALLERY. Currated by D.ssa Rita Caracausi.

#MEGA ART Galleria del'ARTE


Member of Club for UNESCO ART - Literature and Science HELLAS. 


14/12 - 18/12

Group Art exhibition "SMYRNA. LIFE IN SMYRNA".Exhibition of Painting, Hagiography, Ceramics, Sculpture at the Cultural Center "MELINA" - Athens - Greece. Organised and currated by the Panhellenic Association of Literature and Art, where I have the honor to be a member.



#Panhellenic Association of Literature and Art


Group Art exhibition of Painting, Hagiography and Visual creations currated by the Union of Visual Artists Dioni - Dioni Art Gallery.The exhibition took place at Falirikon Art & Events, on Sunday 11/12, (duration until 15/12).

#Διώνη ART Gallery

#Νέα εικαστικών Τεχνών ΔΙΩΝΗ


"The Pinacothèque" in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg awarded me with a Certificate in recognition of my efforts in my participation in the international selection of the "The Luxembourg Art Prize 2022".

#The Luxembourg Art Prize 2022


My artwork "Eternal Battle" was placed in third place in the Panhellenic "GOLDEN PALETTE" FINE ARTS painting competition.

#Διώνη ART Gallery

#Νέα εικαστικών Τεχνών ΔΙΩΝΗ

25 – 27/11/2022 

Peter-2” one of my portraits in ink, is being exhibited at the Art of Portraiture at the "ART3F" art fair in Brussels. Heartfelt thanks to Aleksandra Rowicka, Ioana Cobzaru, and the BRUXELLES ART VUE team for all their amazing work and effort and for granting me this wonderful opportunity.




11/2022 ( 18/11/2022 )

I sincerely thank the artist Mr. Μιχαλάκη Μιχάλη for the reference to my work and his critique, as published today in ΝΕΑ Εικαστικών Τεχνών ΔΙΩΝΗ (DIONI ART NEWS).


#Διώνη ART Gallery

#Νέα εικαστικών Τεχνών ΔΙΩΝΗ



My work "Me in glasses" (self-portrait) is part of the historical archive of Modern Greek Art "Sofia Laskaridou". Thanks to Dimitris Papageorgopoulos for the acceptance.


#Archive of Neohellenic Art "Sofia Laskaridou - Portraits of Greek Artists"


11/2022 ( 10 - 19/11 2022 )

Group Art exhibition "New Symbols 2", which is presented with a physical presence at the Athens Art Gallery Chili Art Gallery (Dimofontos 13-15, Thiseio), and online, available internationally at ARTgrID (Art Curator Paris Capralos).


#Chili Art Gallery


11/2022 ( 1/11 )

Interviewed by journalist Mrs. Marianna Ftaka @ FOX24.gr




11/2022 ( 1 - 12/11 )

Group art exhibition "Color in Water - No 5" hosted at Myro Gallery Thessaloniki (Art Curator Paris Capralos) and online, available internationally at ARTgrID.


#Myro Gallery Thessaloniki



Group art exhibition "Couples" curated by SKETX ( ΣΚΕΤΧ ) hosted at the club's premises in my hometown @POLYGYROS CHALKIDIKI.





Group art exhibition "Ephemeral Homelands" hosted at Myro Gallery Thessaloniki (Art Curator Paris Capralos) and online, available internationally at ARTgrID.


#Myro Gallery Thessaloniki



My artwork ranked in the TOP 30 on International Open Call, Art Vue Prize Fall 2022 edition by the Art Vue Foundation. Catalog of the Art Vue Prize Fall 2022.





Group art exhibition in Paris. "COSMOS - EARTH - HEAVENS No 5 Rendezvous in Paris?? !!" - 10 - 16 October @Galerie DANIEL HANEMIAN, Village Saint Honore under the Auspices of Club for UNESCO of Arts, Letters, and Science in Greece.

The exhibition was curated by Mrs. Stella Chaviaropoulou (Stella Caviart) and Mr. Armand Berberian


#UNESCO of Arts, Letters, and Science in Greece



My artwork was published on the "Limitless Nature 2022" - Contemporary art album, Fundacja Art Vue (artvue)

ISBN 978-83-964652-2-1 ART VUE FOUNDATION. Read it for free, here.





Special Jury Award (Greece - Cyprus) on "Panorama International Art and Sculpture Festival" - PIAF '22, organized by the Writers Capital Foundation International.


#Writers Capital Foundation International

#UNESCO of Arts, Letters, and Science in Greece


27/7 – 12/8 2022 (12 - 30/8 2022 Second group)

Group Art exhibition organized by DIPOLA team on Digenakis Winery entitled "Eternal Womb" (Being in the first group).





Participated, among many other fine artists, (Greece - Cyprus) at "Panorama International Art and Sculpture Festival", organized by Writers Capital Foundation.


#Writers Capital Foundation International

#UNESCO of Arts, Letters, and Science in Greece


24/6/2022 - 2/7/2022

Group Art exhibition "The view of things", which is presented with a physical presence at the Athens Art Gallery Chili Art Gallery (Dimofontos 13-15, Thiseio), and online, available internationally at ARTgrID (Art Curator Paris Capralos).


#Chili Art Gallery



Interviewed @ http://www.artsantiquesccr.gr/





5 of my works were published in the "Human Body is Art" album 2022 (Open Call - BRUXELLES ART VUE Foundation - ISBN 978-83-964652-1-4 ) (English language).

Alternatively, you can download it (for free) here.





Short bio/statement on "Ink on Paper 3" catalog (Greek language).


#Myro Gallery Thessaloniki


2/6/2022 - 11/6/2022

Group Art exhibition "Ink on Paper 3" hosted at Myro Gallery Thessaloniki (Art Curator Paris Capralos) and online available internationally at ARTgrID.


#Myro Gallery Thessaloniki



My works qualified for the semifinals of the Kira Art Gallery Open call "All Mediums & Mixed Media Competition".


#Kira Art Gallery ( La Rambla, 88, 94 La Rambla, 88, 08002 Barcelona, Spain)